Monday, March 4

About us


Nepalese Society for Women in Physics (NSWIP) is a non- political and-non profit organization established for professional development and to advocate for women friendly environment for the women in physics in the country.

NSWIP is committed to facilitate an environment of mutual support and motivate young women pursuing their career in Physics by developing professional network, transforming knowledge and developing leadership capability.

NSWIP intends to promote Physics education by organising conferences and different programs as exchange of faculties and students within and outside the nation, sharing ideas of research opportunities through organisation’s pool of dedicated faculty members, and international experts via collaborations.


  • To share ideas of women who are successful and dedicated in physics and provide a friendly environment for women to learn, grow and flourish in society.
  • To share knowledge, empower, and support women for their career development.
  • To facilitate better research opportunities for young women studying Physics.
  • To disseminateor publish the findings of research within the profession.
  • Improving work place environment.

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