“Life is not easy for any of us. But what of that? We must have perseverance and, above all, confidence in ourselves. We must believe that we are gifted for something and that this thing must be attained.” -Marie Curie

It is great honor and privilege for me to serve as President of Nepalese Society for Women in  Physics (NSWIP). The previous year 2019 marked as significant year for Nepalese women physicist as we successfully organized ‘Second regional Conference on Women in Physics (RCWIP-2019)’, held in March 27-29, 2019 in Kathmandu. The conference was the first of its kind in Nepal and was the premier forum for the women physicists of the region for presentation and discussions of new achievements in research and women issues of different countries. It was the events which boosted the morale and inspired young physicists. The theme of the conference was ‘Fostering professional development and nurturing future women leaders’. The conference was one of the world class event organized to provide an international platform for young women physicists. From this conference, we have gained more than just the social benefits that came from the meeting with great women and working with them to improve opportunities for women in our community. 

We are very thankful to the organizing committee, national international advisory committee, invited speakers, session chair, faculty members, researchers and students, who have supported for this meaningful event.

With the support and collaboration from national and international esteemed institutions, we are confident that the Society shall continue to provide remarkable opportunities that support women and young girls in exploring education and career. It cannot only enhance their professional lives but also provide meaningful contribution for the overall development of the country. 

On behalf of the entire NSWIP community, I wish you a very happy and fruitful New Year 2020 and I look forward to continuing our journey of learning, networking, advocacy and growing together!


Nilam Shrestha Pradhan, PhD

Winter School on Particle Physics Jan 17-19, 2020, Kathmandu, Nepal

Date: January 22, 2020

 We, the NSWIP family, are pleased to inform you that NSWIP has provided collaborative support to three days “A winter School on Particle Physics” organized by Sifal Secondary School of Deerwalk group on 17-19 January 2020 at Deerwalk premises, Kathmandu. Other collaborators and supporters were European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN), Nepal Academy of Science & Technology (NAST) and Research Center for Applied Science & Technology (RECAST). There were around 60 students of different schools from grade 10 to 12, and seemed very excited of virtual visit to ATLAS experiment and interact with ATLAS  physicists. The Winter School was relevant and helpful to high school students.  Mr. Bhusan Joshi from CERN had given a talk on how the CERN can help to high school students and shown some experimental lab of CERN.

The event was a wonderful and successfully organized. We, on behalf of the society, would like to thank the CERN for sponsoring the event, NAST and RECAST for their great support. The Deerwalk team especially Mr. Bijaya Kumar Shrestha, the Principal of the school and Mr. Ujjwal Paudel, head of the Science Department are thankful for their continuous hard work to make the event great success. The event could not have been organized without of the untiring efforts of all of you. We suggested to build a link for ‘Teachers –Research Nexus’, so that most of the students could gain the knowledge on research activities that ultimately enhance and promote the STEM education in Nepal. Since Physics is an essential branch of STEM education, as we all know, many technologies have been developed under physics. We can see that many students develop their skills and knowledge through online audio visual teaching methods in shorter span of time.

Thank you again for being the part of this event and congratulation to all graduates of “Winter School on Particle Physics”. I am very excited about the possibility of organizing next Summer school for high school students.

Nilam Shrestha Pradhan