RCWIP 2019

To participate in the conference you have to register, if you have not registered then please register  soon by contacting Rachana Ghimire ma’am (9843775485) You can book the available seats by contacting her, and you can register in the spot of conference too. Travel accommodation will be provided by this society to reach the conference
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We can collect ideas and the reasons behind the successes about the women physicist from various countries.

Registration for Second Regional Conference for Women in Physics, Nepal(RCWIP) is open now. The deadline for registration is February 27, 2019. Participants                                                            Nepal       
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Travel Grant The IUPAP Working Group tries supports a significant number of delegates from developing countries. Grant applications for 2019 are due by March 8, 2019 only and grant applications should be sent to exec-office@aps.org. Since RCWIPN 2019 is being held before the time frame of grant application for 2019, any one receiving a grant will
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